Congratulations to Steve and Kelly

From now through November 4th Steve and Kelly are out of town enjoying their honeymoon. During that time we would like everyone to get together to give them one more special wedding gift that they can always remember.

The programmers at IGD Solutions have worked together to develop this website where pictures, video, and other mementoes can be kept as an online wedding album for many years to come. What we would like from you is your thoughts and wishes for Steve and Kelly in the form of an email.

Over the next week we need to get as many people as we can to visit this site and send Steve and Kelly an email. It doesn't have to be long, in fact it can just be the word congratulations. What we're trying to do is get as many emails as we can in a special mailbox that will be waiting for Steve and Kelly's return. The more emails we get, the bigger the surprise, and we want you to be a part of that. Please use the Congratulations link at the top of this page to send your email.

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